Dr. Bryan Henss, DC

Dr. Bryan Henss, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Bryan Henss was born and raised in Albers, IL. He started working on his families’ dairy farm when he was very young and continued to work there throughout his adult life. He was very active when he was younger, playing baseball and football throughout high school. He continued his football career into college, playing for Illinois College, where he finished out is undergraduate education earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with Exercise Science. After graduating, he attended Logan College of Chiropractic to complete his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Bryan has worked in 3 of the most successful chiropractic offices in the world in Dallas, TX, Naples, FL, and Chicago, IL learning from the top doctors in his field. Since beginning his career, Dr. Henss has received advanced training in spinal correction, as well as nutrition, exercise, and detoxification. Continuing his love of sports, he is a member of the Sports Performance Council (SPC), and is an official chiropractor for USA Judo, USA Wrestling, USA Para-Olympic Volleyball, USA Martial Arts, NFL Alumni Association, and many other local sports teams as well. Dr. Henss and his team do extensive training in order give their patients the BEST care so they too can live their lives to the fullest through the 5 essentials!


Our Amazing Team 

Cayla Sondrol
Office Manager
Claudia Rivera
Exam and X-ray Tech
Teresa Correa
Patient Care Coordinator                                            
Nicole Bennett
Community Outreach Coordinator                                      
Lisa Henss
Director of Nutritional Counseling and Metabolic Testing